Internet Dating – Part 3


What Happens After My Profile Becomes Live?

Once you have created your name, profile and uploaded your photos it’s tempting to sit back and let others make advances towards you. But having spent precious time and/or money setting it all up get value for your money and be proactive. There are algorithms that prove that the more active you are on the site the more views your profile will have. Have a search and see who’s out there and approach at least two people who look interesting. This is when it can start to feel engaging.

From time to time you may have an unsuitable person contact you – just politely decline their offer: “I’m sorry but I’m already communicating with enough people at the moment” is clear and inoffensive, and then move on.



So What Do I Do When I Find Someone I’m Interested In?

There needs to be a balance between meeting someone immediately and emailing someone eternally with no intention to meet. It’s a good idea to send a few emails first to get a feeling for how the other person interacts with you and then arrange to talk on the phone. This will give you an even better idea of how well you are likely to get on. If the phone conversation goes well then it’s a good idea to meet soon afterwards to see if the connection continues face to face.

A short first date such as coffee is ideal. Always tell someone else where you are going and at what time. If possible send a “toilet text” to let the friend know all is ok during the date but more importantly be sure to confirm with the friend when you are home safely.



Any Other Tips?

Always bear in mind that both of you can be emailing and dating other people at the same time. As the dates progress you may feel you want to stop contact with other people on the site. It’s always best to have this “exclusivity chat” first to ascertain that you are both on the same page and want to concentrate on dating only each other as you get to know each other better and see how it goes.

Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out straight away. Persevere. Online dating is a numbers game and you need to keep on throwing the mud before some of it sticks.

Check out the well known Ted Talk by Amy Webb for inspiration:

and the best of luck!


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