alexandra peet

Bournemouth Psychotherapist

About me

I am an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist accredited by the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). I have over 10 years experience in agencies, organisations, and private practice.

Why Come For Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can change your life. Talking to someone independent can really help you work out what’s wrong and what you can do about it. I give you the time and space to look at your situation objectively in a more helpful way.

The Benefits Of Psychotherapy Can Include:

  • Relieving your isolation by sharing your thoughts, feelings and worries in a safe place.
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others by getting to know yourself better.
  • Increasing your self-esteem by accepting yourself and feeling confident to make choices which will improve your day to day life and well-being.

Who Is Psychotherapy For?

I work with individuals over 18 and offer psychotherapy for issues such as:

Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Self-esteem, Divorce and separation, Loss and grief, Loneliness, Abuse, Work-related stress, Family and parenting difficulties

My practice is based in Southbourne, Bournemouth. We meet in a comfortable private room and there is nearby parking. Southbourne is easily accessed from Bournemouth, Christchurch, Ringwood, Highcliffe, New Milton, Poole, and surrounding areas.

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