Internet Dating – Part 2


Creating A Dating Profile

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided which internet site to use. Now you realise you may need a Masters in creativity and the wit of Sandi Toksvig to get your profile viewed, let alone make it through to actually meeting anyone on a date.


So What Is My Dating Profile For?

The purpose of your profile is to hook someone in so that they want to find out more about you. The idea is to strike a balance between giving enough information about yourself to give an honest reflection of who you are and also what you are looking for. Keep in mind that most internet dating sites are accessible for anyone to search. So ex-partners, friends, employees and clients may be able to access your profile through a search. Remember to keep within certain boundaries when composing your profile and only give out information which you feel comfortable being made public.


How Do I Go About It?

Firstly you may need a username and/or short strapline or introductory sentence which will appear under your photo. It’s best not to overthink this. Depending on your personal or professional circumstances you may not wish to use your real name so a short word or phrase to indicate something you are interested in will suffice.

Next you will need a photograph. A current head and shoulders shot is fine. Avoid professional photos and adding a full length shot is also a good idea so people can see that your photo matches your written profile. If, like most of us, you don’t have a portfolio of flattering photos to choose from then ask a trusted friend to take a few of you when you are next out and about. Research has shown that profiles without photos are overlooked hugely. The more shots you can add the better and the more interesting and fuller aspect you give of yourself.


What Should I Write?

Finally the text of the profile needs to be added. The more information you write to give a flavour of yourself the better.

There are a host of online blog pages to help you with the text. Here are a few:

and remember to run it by a friend for feedback before you post!

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day


My next and final blog post on internet dating includes tips on dating someone from an online site.


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