Psychotherapy works at an in-depth level to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. The therapy session is your time to talk about anything you wish: day-to-day issues, memories, dreams or any feelings or thoughts which come to mind.
Together we will identify hidden recurring themes and patterns from the past. These may be holding you back and are now unnecessary and unhealthy but also feel inescapable. This process of gradual self-discovery explores these internalised themes and as your self-awareness heightens they hold less power over you. As you get to know yourself more fully your confidence increases, and you will be able to have more fulfilling relationships and experience greater freedom and fulfillment in life. Psychotherapy is a gradual process with subtle but permanent changes over time. Research has shown that it’s the relationship between the patient and therapist which is the most effective element of the treatment so it is vital to feel that you can talk honestly.
My practice is based in Southbourne, Bournemouth. We meet in a comfortable private room and there is nearby parking. Southbourne is easily accessed from Bournemouth, Christchurch, Ringwood, Highcliffe, New Milton, Poole, and surrounding areas.