Life Goes On

The life guard huts are reinstated on the beach, a sure sign of summer’s arrival. As I ran past the sea this morning I noticed how still the beach was. Except for the waves. I watched them, mesmerised as ever by the movement in them. The rolling in and out of them, the white crests tipping and then plunging down to meet the body of water and then the sand.

This got me thinking about the constancy of waves. Their rhythm: rolling in and out. Slowly sometimes, effortless…other times their pace quickens, perhaps even a little furious…

And so it can be in life. When we are faced with something difficult for example extreme stress or the loss of someone, we can feel in shock. We can find it challenging to function as normal: hold down work, family, household and commitments. We can find we take out our anger and frustration of the situation on our nearest and dearest. It’s these times when day to day life seems too awful that we may find it hard to keep our head above water.

However, for most of us life does go on. As the waves continue their unceasing movement so does life. As the ups and downs occur we need to find resilience to keep going. Keeping the faith to get through the difficult times is key. Continuing as we are may be all we are capable of but that’s enough. Like carrying a heavy load further than we want or believe we can, all we need to do is just take one step at a time and focus on getting through one hour, day and week at a time.

To continue the sea metaphor, if we are able to keep our ship steady we will survive being thrown around in the storm. If we keep our head down and continue with our everyday life as simply as we can, the storm will eventually pass. Things will shift and at some point in the future things will be easier.


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