Outside Activities



Research has proven that depression can be alleviated by being outside. If that’s coupled with exercise then this combination is a winning formula for improving our mood.


There are so many ways we can get outside in our local area. In Dorset we are lucky to live near the coast and countryside and are spoilt for choice in the activities we can choose.


Why not try something new this summer?


On land: You can choose between walking, running, skateboarding, climbing, biking, motor biking and 4×4 driving to name a few. There are clubs for all of these where we can take some lessons or meet likeminded folk with a similar interest.


On sea: Living on the coast there is no excuse for us not getting up close and personal with the water and the beach.

Open water swimming is growing in popularity. The Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim had nearly 2000 entrants last year. Poole harbour is the largest natural harbour in Europe but it’s also perfect for learning a new water sport because the area closest to the inner shore is very sheltered and shallow. There are also several schools teaching windsurfing, kiteboarding stand up paddle boarding and kayaking.


In the air: The cliffs are a designated area for Wessex Paragliding Club, although they won’t be returning until the area quietens down in September. Dorset has at least 8 private landing strips and five flying clubs whilst Hampshire has at least 10 private landing strips and 3 flying clubs. Whether we fancy being a passenger or trying to fly a light aircraft or microlight, the facilities and tuition are easily available.


Taking up a new sport or hobby can be very rewarding and usually opens up possibilities for making new friends and acquaintances. Not only do we give ourselves a much needed boost of Vitamin D, we may well increase the amount of exercise, fun and happiness in our lives at the same time.



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