Time for a Mindset Spring Clean

Types of dreams

Types of Dreams Every dream is as unique as the dreamer, but there are specific types of dreamsthat most commonly find their way into my consulting room. These are daydreams, vivid dreams, recurring dreams, lucid dreams, nightmares and night terrors. This month, I...

Dream Journaling

How To Remember Your Dreams I often work with people who dream frequently and are interested in their dreams. Many suffer from nightmares and night terrors which they remember vividly.  I will be exploring these in a later post. But a lot of people don’t remember...


Photography by Gregory Pappas on UnsplashPsychotherapy and Dreams During an initial consultation with a potential client, I often ask about their dreams. Do they dream regularly? Do they have significant dreams from childhood? Do they have recurring dreams? This is...

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying When researching this subject, I was shocked to see the number of people who had taken their lives due to cyber bullying and sextortion. Between March 2019 and March 2020 19% or one in five children between the age of 10 and 15 in England and Wales...

Male Influencers

The MeToo movement has been wonderful for women’s rights and furthering awareness of sexual harassment and abuse. I know very few women who haven’t experienced sexual harassment at some point in their life and there is now an ability for women to have a voice, be...

What’s Your Online Persona?

Who Do You Think You Are? How Do You Want To Come Across Online? We all know someone who exaggerates their life online – we see the ‘official’ glitzy positive image they put on social media. For example, posts of holiday snaps look amazing but, when we meet to hear...

Striking the Balance – Parenting Children on Social Media

Children and social media: It can be a thorny issue for many parents. There is a common conflict. On the one hand, if you let your child engage in social media they can feel part of their friendship group and won’t feel left out or left behind, whilst on the other...

Social Media Anxiety and How To Manage It

Social media can be a fantastic way of keeping in touch with people and a source of inspiration, support, and connection to wider conversations online. It can also link us to people we would otherwise not have access to, for example, brides and grooms who’ve invited...

Social Media Anxiety

This is the first in a series I’m writing about social media. Over recent years, and especially since the pandemic social media has become more prevalent in our lives. Benefits of Social Media There are fantastic sides to social media like the ability to keep in touch...

March is a hopeful month. Officially the first month of spring with emerging colour, bulbs bravely shooting through the ground and trees starting to sprout buds.

A couple of years ago in the UK we had a mini heatwave in March. With the unpredictability of the climate, we never know if we are due a heatwave or snowstorm. March days are never boring!

March is a transitional month, winter to summer. The clocks spring forward, and we can look forward to longer days. With the air and ground warming up it can feel easier to spend more time outdoors…exercising, gardening, swimming…whatever we enjoy that makes us smile and gives us a daily burst of vitamin D.

It’s International Women’s Day on 8th March. The goddess of March is Athena in Greek and Minerva in Roman. As a feminist I look to Minerva, the wisest of the Roman deities, the goddess of wisdom, peace, justice, and the arts. Indeed, the name Minerva is a combination of the mind and intellect.

So, to pay tribute to Minerva and March, this month’s blog post is about reflecting on where we are in our lives. I sometimes do so with my patients as it can be good to reflect part way through the work. 

We will be a quarter of the way through 2024 at the end of March so it’s a good time to take stock of how the year is going so far. You can choose to look at all areas of your life or just one. 

Here are some ideas of areas we can focus on and some questions we can ask ourselves:


How is work going? What am I getting out of it and other than paying the bills (which is perfectly fine if that’s your aim)? What am I contributing to the workplace? Is there anything else I want to accomplish this year at work? And if so, what do I need to do to make it happen?


How am I feeling about my relationship? Am I getting enough quality time with my partner? Are we communicating well enough? Do I listen, truly listen to them without distraction? Do they do the same to me? Are we able to talk through things together? Do I feel supported by my partner when life gets tricky? Am I able to do the same for them? 

If you’re single, are you ok with that? Brilliant if you are. How is your support network? Do you have enough friends and family to lean on when challenges come? 

If you’re not ok being single, what can you do to change this year? Do you need to get out more? Start a new hobby or sport or course for work or play? 


If you have children, do you spend enough quality time with them individually and together? Having fun and also talking with them. Really listening to how they are and what’s going on for them ~ without any interruptions.

Do you spend enough time with your extended family? If your parents are ageing, do you wish to spend more time with them? Time goes so quickly, and you don’t want to regret missed opportunities and experiences with them.


Have you planned holidays for the year? Everyone needs time out from the usual routine. If you are planning on going away, now is the time to book if you haven’t already. If you are staycationing make sure you diarise it, so it doesn’t get pushed aside.

Is there anything else you want to do this year that you haven’t started yet? Now’s a good time to start. You still have 9 months left of 2024; and then the rest of your life to practice it if you love it. 

I’m sure you can think of other areas to reflect on too. 

In the spirit of Minerva, I wish you the wisdom to determine what you want for the rest of the year and indeed your life, and the energy and determination to make it happen.