How Will Therapy Help?

Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year can be a difficult time for many people. We spend the holiday with family in a more intense way than normal and this can reveal strains, tensions and ruptures that we normally overlook or don’t like to admit in our daily lives.

Alternatively we may have had a lonely time over the break and wished we had a partner or were in a more healthy relationship or realised our relationship is too toxic to continue.

The holiday may have given us time to reassess our current lifestyle and think that we will benefit from some changes. If we have that sinking feeling on a Sunday, then maybe it’s time to look for a new job or career? If we are feeling isolated working from home then maybe it’s time to get out networking or take up a new hobby, fitness or adult education class? If we are exhausted and realise we aren’t able to spend enough time with people we love then maybe it’s time to think about our work/life balance?

If it’s difficult to admit to ourselves that any of these things is affecting us it’s often even more difficult to talk about it with someone else.

Counselling or psychotherapy is a perfect place to talk about your worries and concerns. It gives you space to say exactly what is bothering you, with someone who is objective and open minded. A good therapist will give you time and space to untangle what is upsetting you. As they say a problem shared is a problem halved and often just getting the issue out of our head and into words is such a relief.

If you think that going to a qualified professional person will help you or someone close to you talk about what’s unsettling or upsetting you then I suggest you start to think about having some counselling or psychotherapy.

My next post is on how to choose a therapist…


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