Where To Go On Holiday

Are you stuck for ideas about where to go for your summer holiday? Maybe you’re in need of collapsing on a beach or by a pool with a book, or on the hunt for somewhere where the children can play safely…

Here are some fresh ideas that may take your fancy…

Single? Embrace the opportunity to develop a hobby or learn a new skill. From photography to yoga there are numerous small group holidays available for all budgets where you might also meet interesting people and make new friends.

Ready for an adventure that will expand your horizons and comfort zone? Sometimes we want more from a holiday than the usual tourist sights. Join a group trip on a mission. Why not try trekking in the Atlas mountains, kayaking in Sweden or white water rafting in Canada?

Double? Planning a couple’s adventure can be a challenge if one of you is more active than the other. Why not choose a resort where the activities are optional such as Neilson and you can choose individual activities or none.

Or escape all hints of children, large and small, and get some quality time relaxing together on a couple’s only holiday. Sandals is a travel company at the high end of the market whilst many others offer some more economical ideas.

Family or group holiday? Hook up with friends, plan a reunion or a family get together. You can hire out an entire youth hostel or a quirky residence in the countryside to enjoy the views and each other’s company.

Or choose from one of the numerous festivals that are taking place this summer eg: Camp Bestival, Latitude or the Green Gathering.

Time off is precious. We owe it to ourselves to make the best of our hard earned holidays, they’re our chance to unwind and create happy memories for the future.


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