Moving Home

Moving home is generally acknowledged to be a major stressful life event. Whether we’re moving into a rented house share or buying our own home, moving house is always more involved than we first envisage.

The vision of living in our new home gives us energy to begin with and imagining our possessions around us in a new space can be exciting. However, the gravitas of the process soon becomes apparent and the reality may begin to feel daunting over time. Unexpected events can create hurdles along the way and it is really important to keep things in perspective.

Here are some ideas for managing the stress of moving home:

  • Give yourself more time than you think you will need for packing up your current possessions and furniture.
  • Feel in control and know that you are an important cog of the wheel in the process, be assertive with estate agents and solicitors if necessary.
  • Be organized and keep designated folders for relevant paperwork and emails.
  • Share out and delegate tasks so you know who is doing what and no one wastes time duplicating errands.
  • Ask for help or pay for as much assistance as possible: viewings, packing, cleaning, gardening, childcare and unpacking.
  • Communicate daily with your partner, family and support network and try to restrict discussions about your move to one comprehensive catch up so that moving home doesn’t take over your relationship or family life.
  • Keep the move in perspective. Have quality time to relax and have fun – book a massage, go to the cinema or have a family day out.
  • Factor in time to say goodbye to current neighbours and friends; it’s important to give good friendships the farewells they deserve, even if you are able to still see one another these relationships will change to some extent.

Here is a checklist to help with the practicalities of moving.

Relocating can stir up many emotions, including good and bad memories of times in the old home. Your next phase and new home will bring new opportunities and relationships into your life. It’s healthy to embrace this new chapter whilst also acknowledging what you are leaving behind.


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