What Is Psychodynamic Counselling?


Psychodynamic therapy is an in-depth way of working which gives you a space to explore your inner self.

The difference between psychodynamic counselling and most other types of counselling is that we work with the unconscious. The unconscious is around us all the time in our everyday life, for example, when we make a slip of the tongue and something pops out that we may have been trying to hide, but what has just popped out is actually what we think.

Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy work with this underneath layer of ourselves. It identifies unconscious recurring themes and patterns from the past which have become unhelpful and can feel inescapable. By talking about what is troubling us and what we are thinking and feeling with a professional therapist who can value and understand us, we can explore the issue and make more sense of it. This increase in self-awareness is a gradual process, so once we are aware of what we are doing we are able to do something about it, with subtle but permanent changes over time.

Dreams, daydreams and metaphor are also part of the unconscious. We explore these unconscious phenomena in the sessions and they often link to what we are talking about in the therapy. It’s fascinating how our unconscious communicates with us if we let it in.

Research has shown that the relationship between the therapist and client is very important in all types of therapy. What goes on in the relationship between the client and therapist can mirror other relationships the client has. If the client can tell the therapist how they feel in the room with them it gives us insight into how the client feels and behaves with other people in their life.

As a psychodynamic counsellor, my aim is to help each client discover their authentic self and fulfill their potential to become all they can be.




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