How Do We Spend Our Time?


This time of year is always a natural time to look backwards and forwards. The Roman god Janus ( January is named after him) has two faces for that purpose. He is also the god of new beginnings and choices.


Where can we start our reflection on looking back to last year and forward to this? Home is a good place to start, but ourselves may be even better.


What went well over 2016 for us?


What didn’t go so well?


Is there anything we could do differently this year to make our lives more rewarding?


Taking time to reflect on each element of our life can be very helpful. For example our:

  • Relationships with our partner, family, friends and colleagues
  • Finances
  • Holidays
  • Home and pets
  • Lifestyle: work, social life, diet, exercise, spirituality and meditation.


Are we happy with the amount of time we spend on each area? Is there something we would like to have more, less or cut out altogether?


A visual way of doing this is in a wheel. Choose the most important elements of your life and plot them on the wheel according to how much value they have currently. This tool clearly lets you see how you are spending your time and resources.

Here’s an example:

For more details on how to make your own wheel visit:

Once we have reflected on our priorities we can think about what, if anything, we would like to do differently this year.


Time is the most important and finite aspect of our life. It is also the biggest gift we can give someone. How we choose to spend it and with whom is down to us and worth being mindful about.


Wishing you a Healthy and Fulfilling 2017




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