Empty Nest?



Across the country many families are packing up their cars and taking their children off to university or college. It’s a time of very mixed feelings. The young people can be anxious, excited and nervous making the huge move to leave home for the first time and become independent.


But What Of The Parents?


You may be anxious about your child: how are they going to cope? Can they fend for themselves? Can they budget, cook, clean and communicate well enough for themselves? Are they are on the right course and will they cope with the increased workload and studying?

Maybe it feels reminiscent of leaving them at school for the first time all those years ago?

It’s ok to feel anxious, sad and shed a few tears.

Like your child you may have a mixture of emotions going on:

  • sadness
  • concern
  • relief
  • emptiness
  • pride

to name a few.

It’s normal to go through these and other emotions.


So What Now?


Now there’s a spare bedroom – well until Christmas at least, one less mouth to feed and person to ferry around and think and provide for.

It’s wise to give yourself some space to settle into this new phase. You may be experiencing a loss and it’s important to acknowledge that and talk to others about how strange it feels.

It’s also important to take time to appreciate those of you left at home. Now’s a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner, other children and friends.

If you now have a totally empty nest it could be a good opportunity to take up a new hobby or interest or course to give yourself a new focus.

Gradually you will adjust and then before you know it it will be Christmas and you will have to readjust to having them back again!  And so it will go on, for at least 3 years…


Indeed in this time of boomerang children they may well be back on a more permanent basis, so once you’ve acclimatised to the empty nest make the most of it!




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