What Does Money Mean To Us?


  • Do you struggle with money?
  • Are you too hard on yourself with money?
  • Do you splash out too often?
  • Are you in debt, too scared to look at what’s going on?


Money can be significant for us. It can represent other things for us eg:


security    love    status    power    responsibility


Maybe our parents struggled and we now have more than they did.  Perhaps our children take their modern lifestyle for granted.  What does money signify to us now?  And our children?


Maybe one of our parents left home and the family finances changed.  Perhaps this affects our attitudes now.


If we are having difficulties with money there is practical advice out there for us.


We can try:

  • talking to friends and/or family about our concerns


We could also ask ourselves what is really going on for us in our relationship with money.


Maybe we are strict with our money because we feel we don’t deserve stuff?  Or do we indulge to feel better about ourselves?  Or perhaps we find it hard to spend money on luxuries even if we can afford it because deep down we don’t think we are worth it?


Thinking about our relationship with money can tell us about ourselves.  It can also reduce our stress, improve our relationships with others and make us kinder to ourselves.





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