Small Steps For Sustainable Success in 2016



This year I am going to suggest that we may only need to make a few small changes in order to achieve a successful 2016. Why not take a few minutes to take stock of our life by asking a few simple questions to find out what is already working well? For example:


  • Are our children settled and happy at school?
  • Is our work fulfilling enough for us?
  • Does our home meet all our requirements?
  • Do we spend enough time with the most significant people in our lives?


Hopefully we already feel ok with the answers to the majority of these questions and we are generally at peace with how are lives are right now on the whole. So maybe it is just a matter of a few simple tweaks which we can put in place to make our day to day lives even better.


Here are a few suggestions which may improve our mental health, relationships and success in 2016:


  • Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and start the day with a short meditation, yoga practice or cup of hot lemon drink and set an intention for the day
  • Go to bed half an hour earlier a couple of times a week so you have more energy for sex before sleeping
  • Establish a weekly “meeting” with your partner so you can talk about the week ahead and your plans and goals
  • Book an exercise class or evening class for a term and commit to going every week
  • Decide when you can get away and book a holiday so you have a fun and/or relaxing time to look forward to
  • Plan 2 healthy meals to make from scratch a week
  • Make a list of people you haven’t connected with for a while and find a weekly/monthly slot where you can call or skype them instead of just texting and emailing


I am sure you can think of your own ideas which done regularly could really improve your life in 2016. Good luck with it!

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

John Wooden, basket ball player and coach


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