As we hit Autumn we may be lucky enough to experience some beautiful Indian summer days that will prompt us to get outside and appreciate the changing foliage around us. Autumnal colours are warm and earthy, think of the burgundy of a conker, the bright orange of pumpkin flesh and the rich browns and reds of falling leaves.


Colours are an important part of our life whether they are in our clothing, our home decoration or our food.


We choose colours for many different reasons, consciously and unconsciously. We may add a splash of red to our outfit for a job interview because it makes us feel more confident. Or choose mint green or light blue as relaxing colours for our living room; or we may choose a slimming, darker colour for our swimming shorts or bikini!


In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates divided all people into one of four personality types based on the proportion of their bodily fluids. By the early 20th century the psychiatrist Carl Jung had developed a sophisticated theory of psychological types.


The Myers-Briggs personality test and follow-up activities which are used in corporate settings today were originally based on Jung’s psychological types.


More recent popular psychology expounds 4 different colour personality types, where people’s personalities are, broadly speaking, either red, yellow, blue or green:


  • Red personality types are typically bold and ambitious
  • Yellow personality types are cheerful and positive
  • Blue personality types are typically more organised and calm
  • Green personality types are relaxed and patient



The beauty of colours in nature can have a profoundly positive effect on us, lifting our spirits and grounding us in the here and now. As children we experience a rainbow as something very special. The story of Noah and the flood is symbolic for peace and hope to Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.


Why not take a break on your travels to really appreciate the next rainbow you encounter, or stop whatever you are doing to experience the next stunning sunset you see.




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