Time For A Change Of Direction?


Work related stress is a very common reason for clients to come to me. So many people hate their jobs and are under extreme pressure at work. Whilst some people choose to make their current jobs manageable, others decide to improve their work / life balance by looking for a change in direction.

When we are out of work, on holiday or just generally more relaxed, we’re in a good place to take stock of our life. We are then able to ask ourselves what we want from our remaining years.


We might benefit from asking ourselves:

Where do we want to be in 5, 10, 30 years’ time?

Where would we like to be living?

What kind of lifestyle do we want?

What work would we like to be doing?


There are lots of books on this subject, I recommend What Colour Is Your Parachute 2015 which works through your values and interests and helps you to think of different options for your career and work, as well as giving practical guidance such as tips on how to update your CV.


When we know what we want to change we can ask ourselves:

How similar is our dream job to what we’re currently doing?

Do we possess enough transferable skills to apply for work in the new area?

Do we need training?

Would we benefit from work experience or work shadowing in the new field?

We may need to work less hours, apply for a higher level post or take on some overtime for a specified period to achieve what we want. Or perhaps we’ll want to start our own business or move abroad, or to study or spend more time being creative.


Time and good health really are the biggest gifts we have. Life is too short to be stuck in an unfulfilling job if we don’t need to be.


Take some time for yourself and work out what really matters, now and in the future. After all, as Robin Williams’ character, Mr Keating, said in Dead Poets Society: “We are food for worms, lads!”



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