How To Survive Christmas – part 2

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Following on from last week’s post, here are the final 5 ways to make the festive season less stressful for everyone involved.

6. Give Something Back
Latest research shows that depression can be relieved by volunteering in the community. As the saying goes Christmas is the season of good will. Why not invite an elderly neighbour round for coffee and a mince pie, encourage your children to choose a current toy they could give away to a charity shop to make some room for this years presents or volunteer to do a shift at a local homeless shelter?

7. Be realistic
Aspiring to perfection will only lead to disappointment. Don’t be over ambitious. Keep it simple and focus on what you have agreed to do.

8. Plan and delegate
Write lists. Spending some time thinking ahead about what you need will pay off. Work out your financial budget for Christmas and stick to it – this could mean deciding a maximum amount on Christmas presents or introducing a secret santa present system. Be organised and don’t wait until Christmas eve to buy the turkey! If you are hosting ask all guests to contribute by bringing along something to eat and/or drink. If you are visiting offer to take something.

9. Old Fashioned Fun
Take the opportunity to switch off the technology for a few hours. Spend some quality time together, play board games, cards, go for a walk.

10. Try Something Different
Escape it all! Book a last minute holiday to learn diving in the Red Sea. Get rid of the need for washing up and book your Christmas meal out, be even more alternative and book a spicy Thai meal.


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