How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Sleep is vital for renewing our bodies and minds.  Here are some ways to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the day may bring.


  1. Establish a night time routine
  2. Work out how much sleep you need and go to bed early enough to get it
  3. Allow your food to digest at least two hours before you go to bed
  4. Avoid caffeine after 5pm and alcohol late at night
  5. Write down anything that is worrying you or that you need to do urgently tomorrow
  6. Screen time negatively affects sleep so turn off all screens at least half an hour before retiring
  7. Have a hot milky drink or chamomile tea before bedtime
  8. Attend a late yoga class or practice a few postures at the end of the evening
  9. Relax in a warm bath with candles or soft lighting
  10. Drop some lavender oil on your pillow, or rub some into your temples
  11. Use a meditation cd or podcast to relax, breathe deeply and unwind



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