Dreams Part 3


Working With Dreams

I love working with dreams with my clients. Dreams can be enlightening, confirming or just downright frustrating! Most of us don’t remember our dreams on waking. If a client wants to bring dreams to our session then I ask them to keep a dream journal. I suggest they keep a notebook and pen by their bedside so that as soon as they awake from a dream they are able to write down as much as they can remember about the dream.

When they come to their therapy session I ask them to tell me as much of the dream as they can remember, referring to their journal if necessary. Then I ask them what they think the dream may mean to them and how it made them feel. If it isn’t obvious what the dream is about we explore what was going on for the client at the time of the dream, if there is a possible trigger for the dream and work out why the dream may be appearing at this time and see if we can make sense of it together.

Next week’s post is about how to get a good night’s sleep…



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