Dreams Part 2

So What Are Nightmares?

If we have experienced something scary which we don’t want to think about, for example we may have had a near miss whilst driving our car, we can distract ourselves away from thinking about it by keeping busy and occupied whilst we are awake. But when we are asleep we are unable to do this. Our unconscious will attempt to process this event for us because it knows we need to do this and it can freely go about its business without us controlling it. The more frightening the event or memory the more dramatic the dream may be. So dreams may become disturbing, hence nightmares.

It is best to process stuff in the day when we are awake. As difficult as it is we really need to spend time thinking about the scary event rather than shutting it out. Or even better talk to someone about it. That way we have allowed our mind to start integrating the event by bringing it to our consciousness, accepting it and digesting it which makes it less frightening. Then the nightmares should diminish and we should sleep more soundly.

Read about how I work with clients and their dreams next week….




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