Dreams Part 1



“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to the unconscious activities of the mind”

Sigmund Freud The Interpretation of Dreams


What Is Dreaming?

When we are asleep the brain replaces its cells and makes sense of the day’s information which it hasn’t yet had a chanceto do and then stores it to memory. We often say that we will hold off making a decision until we “have slept on it” and as well as this buying us time to give our answer it enables our minds to work on the decision whilst we sleep so that we can see how we feel about it with fresh eyes in the morning. Our brains are amazing organs. They know what we need and work to make that happen by integrating memories and emotions for us. While we are asleep, resting our bodies and renewing our cells we are unable to control our minds and so our unconscious is in the driving seat resolving issues for us.

Dreams are these involuntary images, emotions and sensations which occur whilst we sleep. As Freud said they can also be useful information for us direct from our unconscious. If something is on our mind but we haven’t yet realised or haven’t had chance to think about it then it will often come up in our dreams in some shape or form. This includes things we are concerned about, ideas and solutions to problems.

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