A Few Thoughts on Internet Dating…..

If you are content with being single then congratulations that is the healthiest place to be and being happy with our current life, whether single or double, is what most of us aim for. But for some, if you are unhappily single, it’s that time of year when there appears to be loved up couples everywhere you turn. Roses and hearts bombard you wherever you are, from supermarkets to Groupon.

However if you are in search of that special someone and have been toying with the idea of using the internet then now could be the perfect time to start. Statistically speaking the New Year and Valentine’s Day are the busiest times for internet dating websites. So if you are considering taking the plunge now is a great time to go for it. Here are a few tips on internet dating which you may find useful.


  • Don’t be embarrassed, everybody is doing it! Telling friends and family you are embarking on internet dating may just encourage them to think of single people they know who may be suitable, widening your pool of prospective dates further….
  • Research which internet dating company to use. There are pros and cons for free and paying sites.
  • Get some good (amateur) photos taken: full length and portrait. The best shots are natural photos as opposed to staged or contrived ones.
  • Spend some time writing an interesting profile and get trusted friends to read it and give you feedback. There are loads of tips online to help you.

 Online etiquette and possible pitfalls

  • Keep your boundaries. Start by emailing, then move onto a phonecall if you feel that it’s the next appropriate step. Then decide to go on a date if you like the sound of the person.
  • Be aware of people who immediately ask to meet, give out their contact details or ask for yours. It’s best to wait until you feel more comfortable with the person before you share more information.
  • Remember that dating sites do not vet people so give it time to get to know someone. They may not be who they say they are eg they may be married, seeing other people or not live or work where they say they do. Last year Panorama revealed that many internet dating profiles are actually fake:https://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b037wr14/


  • Always tell someone else where you are going and at what time. Agree to send a text to say you’ve made it home safely.
  • Have an escape plan and excuse ready eg on returning from the toilet say that your son just rang and he’s locked himself out.
  • Meet in a public place and get yourself there and back independently
  • Go dutch.
  • Teat your date how you’d like to be treated: turn up on time, make an effort with your appearance and put your phone on silent.
  • Aim for a short first date eg coffee.
  • Pace yourself. Find the balance between hopeful and realistic. There are a lot of frogs out there. However your frog maybe someone else’s Ms or Mr Right, so best to let them go politely, brush yourself off and start again. Know that it is a numbers game and don’t be disheartened, either take a break for a while or just keep throwing the mud at the wall!

Good luck!

Have a super Valentine’s Day whether you are planning on having a romantic night out or hunkering down at home with a good book or movie alone or with some pals.


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